Vessel Evaluation System

VELAS is a user friendly, web-based tool that manages the workflow of the marine vessel and terminal vetting process. With VELAS, clients can:

  • Enable authorized users from any location to access information ranging from inspection reports to historical evaluations
  • Integrate with to electronically receive validated questionnaires directly from owners
  • Quickly assess a ship’s acceptability in an easy to use, graphical format
  • Use company defined business rules to rate vessels and terminals
  • View system generated recommendations based on facts such as vessel parameters, terminal, and cargo
  • Automate the importing of third party data such Lloyd’s Register Fairplay and LMIU (e.g. casualties, ownership, vessel specifications, etc.)
  • Set specific user access controls via the security module
  • Link to IMOS for tracking voyage actuals

Using VELAS results in

  • Instantly accessing a proposed vessel’s acceptability
  • Saving time and money
  • Protecting resources